The Collection

The Founder of the Foundation, Woodrow Carpenter, spent much of his life collecting enameled art from all over the world.  When he founded the Foundation , he donated or loaned almost all the items to the Museum for public display.

The museum includes the largest diverse collection of enameled art in the world and is meant to excite and inspire those interested in this art form.  Included are over 1,100 items.  Some are unusual, rare pieces, but all are beautiful.  A few are large, but most are small, so look closely – the level of artistry is often awe-inspiring.

Included are:

  • Contemporary jewelry
  • Large wall art, one so large it required a change to the interior to accommodate it
  • Enameled sculpture from India, China, Japan, and the U.S.
  • Antique enamels created before 1900
  • Containers, including cigarette boxes, music boxes, and more
  • Bowls, plates, vases enameled with many different techniques, including grisaille, cloisonné, camaieu, Basse Taille, and more
  • Vases, many from Japan and China
  • Plique-a-jour enamels, an unusual and rarely used technique because of the hundreds of hours required for their creation


The Museum is open by appointment Call 859-360-6384.


$10 each, including tax.  Foundation Members always free.  Group rates available.  Admission includes guided tour.

If You Can’t Visit

Become a Member for access to a “virtual museum” including hundreds of pictures of items in the collection.  Click here for more information.