Thompson Enamel Technical Consultant

Tom Ellis

In addition to his role at the Foundation, Tom provides technical consulting to Thompson Enamel.  In fact, for over two decades, he assisted our founder, Woody Carpenter, in his developmental work in creating art enamel.

Tom was also editor of the premiere art enameling publication for 25 years – Glass on Metal, now out of print but available through the Foundation. He was one of the first trustees of the Enamelist Society and a key administrator for many years. In 2017 he was given the Woodrow W. Carpenter Award, established by The Enamelist Society to honor those who work to benefit the world of enameling.

Tom is both an expert in enameling and an outstanding teacher.  He has taught enameling workshops at the Foundation and across the country, and in Australia, Venezuela, Canada, and Trinidad.  His knowledge includes both the science and use of art enamel and a multitude of enameling procedures, materials, techniques, and history.  With 44 years of experience in both the science and art of enameling, he brings to the Foundation a wealth of knowledge and experience in enameling procedures, materials, and history.

Chief Workshop Instructor


Lydia Morrison

A life-long lover of art, Lydia grew up in beautiful Eastern Kentucky and was inspired by the picturesque landscape of the area.  She earned awards for her painting as a student and took private oil painting lessons from Orin Nelson.  The sale of her paintings put her through college.  After graduating from the University of Kentucky with a degree in science, she married and moved to Cincinnati, Ohio to further her career and raise four beautiful children.

Now that her children are grown, she is again pursuing her passion for creating and teaching art. She learned silversmithing and has created and sold wearable art for many years. In 2000, she met Mr. Woodrow Carpenter, the founder of the Foundation.  Her background has been enriched with workshops taught by Bill Helwig, Tom Ellis, Averill Shepps, Jaime Frechette, Merry Lee Rae, Larissa Podgoretz, Ricky Frank, Linda Darty, Barbara Minor, and others. She is the past president of The Ohio Valley Enameling Guild and a volunteer at St. Francis Seraph Outreach Program (The Sarah Center jewelry program) in Over the Rhine.

Associate, Workshop Instructor

Other Instructors

Dozens of nationally and internationally-known artists and enameling experts teach at the Foundation.  See Workshop section for the background of the individual instructors teaching workshops coming up in the next year.

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